TIB HR Policy Archive
  1) BIBEC Leave Related Logics
  2) BIBEC_HR policy change in 81 board meet_circulated
  3) BIBEC_Rest and Recreation Leave
  4) BIBEC_Revised Transfer Allowance Policy
  5) BIBEC_Ammendment_study Leave Policy
  6) BIBEC_Change in Paternity leave policy
  7) BIBEC_Foreign Travel Allowance- postponment of rimbursement of passport cost
  8) PDC_TIB HR Manual (November 2011)
  9) TIB HR Manual (March 2018)
  10)(a) Policy on Sexual Harassment Complaint & Redress(English)
        (b) Policy on Sexual Harassment Complaint & Redress(Bangla)
  11) Baby Corner Guideline
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